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    Looking for 2018 Championships info?

    Introducing the new and shiny "Championships" tab! Find info on routing, tickets, seating, etc. up above by clicking on "Championships"!

    2018 Rulebook posted under "Resources/Links"

    Our updated Rulebook is posted under the Resources/Links tab above. Below is a summary of the changes to this year's Rulebook from our Rules Committee. Please make sure you're taking time to read the Rulebook in preparation for our upcoming season, and reach out to a Board Member should you have any questions!

    WGI Circuit Partner Symposium Summary

    If you're interested in the latest news WGI has shared with local circuit partners at this past weekend's Circuit Partner Symposium, take a look at these notes taken by Secretary Baron Creutz.

    As always, contact a Board member should you seek any questions or clarifications!

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    MCGC Championships - Guard
    Chippewa Valley
    Troy Athens
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